He Fucked Me Right

Time to continue my Rocker story! After a few months of long distance sex we finally met. I described the very first sexual encounter in this former post about blowing him. But don’t you want to know about our first fuck fest? It was later that night after some of the typical ‘courtship” stuff like a romantic dinner and wine.

We kissed and kissed and kissed with deep tongues and wet passion on the couch before we headed upstairs to my bedroom. We hopped on the bed fully dressed and resumed the face sucking.

Kissing is so hot to me. You can discover HOW someone will fuck by paying close attention to the way they kiss. If the guy is a bad kisser… then I am outta there! And the rocker was a good kisser… our mouths fit together perfectly. The motion of our tongues was in perfect sync.

There is also nothing better then a LONG sex session because foreplay is essential, it’s maybe even more then half of the fun. Both the rocker and I are ‘teases” and we love the long slow stuff, but when the time is right you should be fucking like animals. We had rehearsed sex together by telephone numerous times but the anticipation was super high and very drawn out.

He slid his big hand up my shirt and rubbed my titties over my bra. He touched me carefully and deliberately. Finger tips stroking through the material hmmm nice and gentle. Eventually he undid the front clasp and my skin tingled and he touched and fondled my nipples. I pulled off my shirt so he could start sucking and licking my nipples. We continued to slowly undress down to our underwear.

I was wearing lacey black full back bikini panties, and I could feel the damp stain in the crotch just getting larger. All the nipple licking my getting me very moist. My thighs were squirming a little and my sexy rocker singer is very vocal and loves to talk. He asked me if I wanted him to finger my pussy. Of course I said yes.

He slid his hand down inside my panties and lightly teased my treasure trail pubes. He pressed his finger deeper between the lips and found my hot button to rub in circles. Then he pushed further down to the opening and slide a finger in. He told me it was very wet, but he wanted more so he drink up all my juice. He started finger fucking me very slowly like he had done when we met. He told me he wasn’t stopping until it was sloppy and loud.

Slow finger pumping in and out. Hmmm just getting me damp writing about it. We kept kissing and kissing while his finger was speeding up. I was getting wetter; the sound was a bit louder. We were talking about it, getting quiet to listen. He kept his hand inside my panties the whole time saying he wasn’t going to look at it until it was gushing. He slide a second finger in me, I opened my legs more and raised my hips up off the bed so he could go deeper. He was going in rougher now.

He was jamming my cunt now and starting twisting, my panties were being yanked into my ass crack too. I want to point out this was going on for about 20 minutes by this point and I was speaking in grunts and moans when I told him to get my G spot. He curved his long finger in and told me I had to squirt before he was going to let me cum. I was on edge though, it’s not like I was in control.

I could feel how soaked I was, the squishing was loud, my moaning was getting hard. He was slamming those fingers in and then slowing down to stroke my gspot and I squirted some when he pressed on it. I was sweating and not realizing it until it happened…. And then I came HARD. I could feel myself ejaculating too.

The rocker kissed his way down from my tits to my bellybutton and my legs were still squirming now. He kissed the outside of my panties and slowly pulled them down. He made almost a sigh as he gazed into my pussy. He said it was all swollen and shiny. He slid his tongue up the slit before grabbing my fat lips open wide and wiggling that tongue all over my clit. I have posted before about having a puffy pussy and fat cunt lips. The rocker started sucking it all. He was lapping up the wet mess he made.

My pussy was still internally trembling, but he was putting attention on my clit now. It felt good and he was being sure to be a loud cunt lapper too. Very nasty and very hot. He was an aggressive pussy eater and I LOVE that. I came again. I was practically exhausted.

But the rocker wasn’t done; he hadn’t cum yet this time. So he opened his pants and just pushed it into me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and let him fuck me. His cock was long and thick. I could feel how swollen my clit was since each thrust was rubbing it just right. His moans in my ear and his breath against my neck felt so good. Since he is a singer, he had incredible pipes moaning loud enough to shake the walls. We fucked another good 20 minutes straight before he finally came.