I’m the Other Woman

He is Cheating on His Girlfriend with me



I heard from the Younger Guy – the one I call Scott and my primary younger lover. Scott had gotten a bit obsessive about me, and I cut him short since a relationship was not my priority.


Scott got himself a little girlfriend shortly after our demise, which has now been nearly a year. And let me say that she is adorable. She is a petite thing, same age as him, and what I would define as a good girl. That’s not to say that I am a bad girl… only behind closed doors. But I do genuinely think she is the right type of girl for him, pretty, sweet, and the kind that will impress his mother. But there is a problem.


Apparently, I fucked Scott all too well. He has continued his relationship with her but he has also continued to send the occasional text message to my cell phone. He sent me a gift at Christmas and while it was just a small token from a 21-year-old… it shows he is still thinking of me. I’ve not responded to him…. until today.


I choose to do it today because the text from came at a point where I was both bored and horny. Do you know the kind of horny that occurs because you’ve got nothing better to do then masturbate? I was in that mood so I simply answered that things were good. He responded right away to ask what I was up to. So I told him. It went like this:


His text to me: Hope you are ok

My response: Doing good thx

Him: Wot are u up to

Me: Being Horny

Him: I still want u

Me: ur taken now

Him: lets cheat

Me: ok with me just sex

Him: can I call u now

Me: yep


Let’s Just get Kinky ok?


He called me and tried to have some small talk, and even at one point clearly was trying to explain himself with the past disagreement on us having a greater romance. I interrupted him, I didn’t want to hear it. What I wanted was him to hear me… to hear me masturbate. I told him so, and like a good young man he obeyed and shut the fuck up.


I got out my vibrator, the real loud one, so he could hear it. Then I took off my pants and laid back on my bed with the phone pressed against my ear. He just listened to me cum while he jacked off. It was ultimately pretty fast maybe 10 minutes of lust.


After we came and got settled… he asked if we could see each other again. I made it clear that we could, as long as it was for sex. He agreed. I asked him how things were with this sweet little girlfriend and he said everything was great.


Me: But you still want to hook up with me even though things are great with her?
Him: Yes.


He did not expand on it, and it isn’t really needed. I don’t really care. I just want a hot beef injection from that horny young unstoppable cock. Scott can fuck over and over again, he practically never loses his hard on. I guess I am the perfect “other woman”. I should be ashamed of that, but hell, he is young and it’s likely he isn’t going to marry her right now. So why not?




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