Rubbing My Pussy

Rubbing My Pussy

I am Rubbing My Pussy Right Now



I’m so horny right now so I am masturbating while I write this. I shouldn’t be doing it right now as I have a bunch of other shit to do. But it’s too late.


I got horny. It’s normal for me. And a normal way that I break up my day is by playing with my pussy. Sometimes I just sit here in my office chair privacy all day long. A warm, clean, and quiet office can be boring and I’m at work. I could feel how sticky my panties got so I took them off and shoved them in my desk drawer. I pushed my work away. Then I pulled up this blog.


I keep rubbing my pussy lightly. I spread the lips and teased with light stroked at my clit. It feels so good. I wish you could see it. I wish you could watch. My hand is under the desk, no one can see me. My office is very private. I love to masturbate in places where I shouldn’t. I’m doing some extra work at the office this week and I hate coming into the office to work. But maybe cumming in the office will help.


I wish I had my vibrator because I feel the urge to stuff my pussy full. Thankfully, I have a few readers who send me dirty emails. I just read one. It got me wet. But I can suffice with my fingers too. They can still get the job done.


I am Masturbating at the Office


My clit is so swollen because I have been teasing it for a good thirty minutes now. I want to explode before I hit send on this post. It will turn me on so much if a reader jerks off to this post and then emails me a message to tell me all about it. I promise to answer.


I can hear other people at work out in the hall. It feels so good and dangerous. My sentences have to be short. I type, then rub my pussy more for a minute or so. Oh, I love a long tease. I love to be such a slut that I can’t even work in an office without touching myself.


I am getting so close to cumming and then I stop to edge myself.This is that time that I need an email buddy or a text buddy to coax me through it. My juices are flowing heavily now. My clit is tingling. I think I have to go now so I can fully cum. I hope someone hears me moan.





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I’m Still a Horny Girl

Hello, you horny but dear readers!

I am still here and yes I am still very horny. I had not maintained my website for quite some time now. When I first started it I was a baby-faced 27-year-old and I have aged some, changed jobs, have had several new sex partners, and I even had a relationship. I still get emails from readers though I haven’t answered any recently. My schedule was hectic for the last two years as I went back to do some modeling in addition to my day job. Oh, the adventures I have to tell you!


I guess I should apologize for not being active on my website and not writing enough blog entries. I’ve missed it. I feel like I am back and can go through some new tales again with some of my spare time. I plan to post more often, dress up my blog a bit, and add some more stuff to it. I am glad you are reading this.


Yes, I am still a Horny Girl!


My libido has not changed. It’s amazing that even when I get enough cock, I still need to masturbate. I told one of my male conquests about this and he asked me if I thought I was a nymphomaniac. I don’t know enough about the psychology of sexuality, but I hope it’s true.




The Way I Plan My Seduction

seduction of younger men

I Like the Seduction of Younger and Shy Men

I like younger men, but usually, I go for the 20-21-year-olds. Any younger than that can be a mixed bag of issues that I don’t typically want to deal with. I do like them to be more mature than their years. But I am picky and very selective. Usually, I look for them wherever I go. I also seek innocence and I have a radar that reads men very well and easily.


There was a new cashier at my local grocery store, where I do all of my shopping. I went through his line and saw his name tag said “Eric”. He had a very clean cut appearance, very neat, and he was also doing his job intensely. I watched him check out the people ahead of me.


At surface level… I could tell he was almost a little geeky, probably shy, but he exuded intelligence too. By looking at him, I knew he was a good student, had made his parents proud, and was probably intimidated by girls. It sounds egotistical but I can spot them right away.


I watched Eric. I noticed his hands, rather larger, his finger nice and long. So I daydreamed a little about how they’d feel inside me. I looked back to his face… he had pretty blue eyes with long lashes but he avoided eye contact with the customers. He was there physically; just not mentally, he was also lost in his own little daydreams. Just like I usually am.


I Plotted my Seduction of Him


When I got up to the register, he made very quick eye contact with me and proceeded to do his job. I leered in at him, almost concentrating on making him feel me staring. Does that work? I sure as hell don’t know, but it I felt like it did. He looked a little younger than I first thought up close, kind of a baby face. I know he’s not experienced someone like me before.


How can I explain it to you? It was his awkwardness that I found arousing. Assuming he had no more than moderate sexual experience with women, I decided I was going to have to teach him some new tricks. That’s how it began, just simply due to my “mood” while shopping on a Saturday afternoon. Poor Eric had no idea what he was in store for.


To Be Continued Soon!

Seduction Powers Activated


Seduction to Me is a kinky Sex Game


I like younger men, but I am only in my late 20’s, so while I am an older woman than the guys I like… I’m not the cougar type… yet anyway. I guess will be someday lol. What I like about younger men is “inexperience” and even their awkwardness in regard to the way they deal with me. There is something very arousing about a young 21-year old who is totally nervous in my presence. It’s a compliment to me, it is even a shy guy’s way of flirting if you know what I mean. It means they find me attractive, that their minds are working overtime about me. Considering men of all ages think every few minutes about sex…. I know what is on their mind. And again, considering that I try to make myself obvious as a tease… I work on every movement I make.


That’s right, I wonder how many men actually realize this. Every time I accidentally bump him, touch his arm or pick fuzz off his shirt… it’s totally intentional. The way I prop my head when I’m listening to him speak, every time I shift my body, or move closer to him… is a complete plan in action. I was born with a gift…. of intuitively knowing how to capture men. It’s my superhero power… and my superhero cape says, “The Seductress”. I guess I am technically a villain, though, because I am out for myself, to bed some guy for my own pleasure, to totally get his attention. But I want him to lust after me, and then I like to walk away before it gets sticky… in a different way.


I Love Seduction and To Seduce Men


I like all kinds of men, so an appearance is much less important to me than you think. What I do is watch body language… and there are sometimes very subtle things about men that can turn me on. Often I love to watch someone doing something very mundane when they do not know I’m watching them. I usually set my sights on a guy, and in my perverted head… I start thinking about his face between my legs. Then I know… it’s time to release my supervillain powers.

The idea of this blog was always to share some of my stories. These are stories that I don’t tell my girlfriends or anyone else that I know. I never wanted my image out on the net, I imagine that can be very hot… but my job is important to me and I actually don’t want my two worlds to collide. I like them separate, I like keeping secrets… but confessing them to total strangers turns me on!


More often than not… after I post…. I do end up masturbating and cumming hard. As I write the message to post I get very wet and tingly. Sometimes as I write… I end up removing my pants, panties or whatever else might be blocking my pussy from being diddled with. 9 out of 10 times when I masturbate I do use a vibrator. Whoever invented them is a genius and I do need it both on my clit and punched deep inside my hole too. I have fucked myself so hard with it before that I have been sore after.


I have no idea how many men read this blog, and there have been times where I have gotten quite literally too busy to write in it. Actually, I have a new seduction of a much younger man to share and will be posting it in several parts. I hope it can make some readers jerk off for me. It is a shame that I use my superpowers for naughtiness.


Old Friends Possible Fuck Buddy

Fuck Buddy

Anybody Can Be My Fuck Buddy


The time just flies when you are having fun, but alas that’s not what I have been up to.  I have a regular “straight” job and sometimes I travel for it which is where I have been the last few months. To say I was over-worked and stressed out would be an understatement. I was working many twelve hour days and doing nothing but sleeping in my hotel room. My sex adventures REALLY went on hold for a few months! It sucks, but fortunately, I am home again. However, I am just beginning to settle back into my normal schedule.


I went shopping at the local mall this weekend and I happened to bump into a dear old high school friend… of course, he is male. Rarely do I have female friends. Or when I do they tend to be surface level girl friends who really do not know me well. Most women would never understand my sexual urges, most of the casual female friends I have are looking for excuses to quit fucking their husbands. That’s the main reason I do not believe in marriage.


The old male friend I bumped into this weekend is a guy I had a total crush on, and a wild flirtation with. I can’t even recall any longer why we never hooked up. Perhaps it was just a timing thing. I was also a lot more discreet and cautious back then. My slut personality was there, I was just careful in college because one wrong move could really screw up your social life. Now that I am a bit older and not as worried about my social circle I can be more of myself in the right situation.


I Wonder If He’ll Become My Fuck Buddy


My old college pal was there chatting to me with his wife and kids in tow. I remember how crazy he used to be, and he was still extremely good looking. The conversation was totally casual but the wife was completely looking me up and down trying to figure out how I knew her husband. I like that. I like making a wife nervous. I knew she’d ask him as soon as I walked away and somehow that becomes an aphrodisiac. It turns me on.


I exchanged numbers with my old friend. I have this feeling from the glimmer in his eye that I will hear from him. I noticed him noticing me up and down just like his wife did.  Never married and no kids… I’m in much better shape than his wife. Since we always had a bit of sexual tension – I know he won’t pass up a chance to at least call me.


I have yet to decide what, if anything, I will do. Maybe I will tease him, bait him, trap him. Maybe I will instead let him do all the baiting and just never let him win. I will have to look my old photos from college and think on it.




I’m the Other Woman

He is Cheating on His Girlfriend with me



I heard from the Younger Guy – the one I call Scott and my primary younger lover. Scott had gotten a bit obsessive about me, and I cut him short since a relationship was not my priority.


Scott got himself a little girlfriend shortly after our demise, which has now been nearly a year. And let me say that she is adorable. She is a petite thing, same age as him, and what I would define as a good girl. That’s not to say that I am a bad girl… only behind closed doors. But I do genuinely think she is the right type of girl for him, pretty, sweet, and the kind that will impress his mother. But there is a problem.


Apparently, I fucked Scott all too well. He has continued his relationship with her but he has also continued to send the occasional text message to my cell phone. He sent me a gift at Christmas and while it was just a small token from a 21-year-old… it shows he is still thinking of me. I’ve not responded to him…. until today.


I choose to do it today because the text from came at a point where I was both bored and horny. Do you know the kind of horny that occurs because you’ve got nothing better to do then masturbate? I was in that mood so I simply answered that things were good. He responded right away to ask what I was up to. So I told him. It went like this:


His text to me: Hope you are ok

My response: Doing good thx

Him: Wot are u up to

Me: Being Horny

Him: I still want u

Me: ur taken now

Him: lets cheat

Me: ok with me just sex

Him: can I call u now

Me: yep


Let’s Just get Kinky ok?


He called me and tried to have some small talk, and even at one point clearly was trying to explain himself with the past disagreement on us having a greater romance. I interrupted him, I didn’t want to hear it. What I wanted was him to hear me… to hear me masturbate. I told him so, and like a good young man he obeyed and shut the fuck up.


I got out my vibrator, the real loud one, so he could hear it. Then I took off my pants and laid back on my bed with the phone pressed against my ear. He just listened to me cum while he jacked off. It was ultimately pretty fast maybe 10 minutes of lust.


After we came and got settled… he asked if we could see each other again. I made it clear that we could, as long as it was for sex. He agreed. I asked him how things were with this sweet little girlfriend and he said everything was great.


Me: But you still want to hook up with me even though things are great with her?
Him: Yes.


He did not expand on it, and it isn’t really needed. I don’t really care. I just want a hot beef injection from that horny young unstoppable cock. Scott can fuck over and over again, he practically never loses his hard on. I guess I am the perfect “other woman”. I should be ashamed of that, but hell, he is young and it’s likely he isn’t going to marry her right now. So why not?




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I Am Mastubating Right Now


masturbating right now

We Should Both Be Masturbating Right Now



I am off work today. I got horny, I got wet, and I was feeling nasty. So I got naked. I am naked right now and as you read this I am playing with myself. Get your cock out and jack it off too. We should both be masturbating right now, together.




I am sitting at my desk at home. I took one of my flexible dildos out of it’s hiding place. It’s cock shaped and ridged like a real dick. I placed it in very warm water. Then I lubed it a little as it is rather thick. I had to scoot down on my office chair and spread my legs opened wide. I slid that mother fucker deep into my cunt. Now I sit here typing with a warm plastic dick inside me.




I’ve not done any thrusting yet. I want it to feel full inside my pussy. If I close my eyes the heated dildo almost… almost… feels real. I wish.




My nipples are hard and puckered. I stop typing to pinch them sometimes. I’m also rubbing them and my fat pussy lips a little.




I remember his cock. The big one. The 22-year-old one. I fucked him two weeks ago. I didn’t even know his last name, nor did I care. Hardcore.




I love typing this out, it is like really sharing myself at the height of my arousal. And I feel like I could be talked into almost anything. I feel so WILLING.




I have to stop writing and focus on cumming.





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The Lover of Boy Toys


Boy Toy Lover

I Must Have a Boy Toy


I wonder if other people’s sex lives are normal. One thing that has changed over the years is that more people do let their “freak-side” out, and we can expose it more on the internet. Thank Goddess for that!


The freak I discovered that lives in me always enjoys younger men. Not that I don’t enjoy the older ones too, but the younger ones are a bit like having a sweet “dessert”. I get the same great rush from fucking a younger man as I do when I cheat on my diet and have a small slice of cake.


I’m not a MILF (aka Mom I’d like to Fuck – in case you don’t know the term) because I don’t have kids and I don’t want them. I am not maternal or the nurturing type, and I don’t want to mother 20 year old guys either. I’m not a cougar, and really I am not that drastically much older then some of the younger men I’ve been with lately. I’m older, but not old for them so luckily I’ve not been turned down.


I Just Like to Play with Younger Men


I’m going to have to come up with some fake names to tell some of these stories since I’ve added a few young lovers to my list. The first intense young lover I had is posted about already in my archives. For a name from now on I am going to call him Scott. That name is so far from his real one so he shouldn’t discover my blog lol. I had toyed around with some men younger then me, but with him there was a distinct age gap and the fling was intense. Actually I still here from him. I have not decided yet if I feel like returning his messages.


Lately I’ve met a few others and had some one night stands which is always cool with me. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes the sex is only average. For right now I have been traveling a bit for my job and that’s enough. Now that the new year is coming things will settle a bit, and I can get back to posting some clearer details.



Masturbation Games

The rocker and I kept in contact and started having regular phone sex. I happen to enjoy it, and in some way it is an awesome prelude to real sex. I’ve always loved watching a guy jerk off, and I’ve always loved listening to it too.

It wasn’t just phone sex where he’d call and we’d get it over with. It was twisted and kinky… two of my favorite things. He’d email me in the morning (sometimes we’d both work from home) and we get into a chat program. He’d have instructions for my day to prepare for our sex talk later.

Usually, he’d ask me to not wear panties or pants all day, just a tee shirt for instance. Then he’d want me to periodically throughout the day to rub my clit or finger myself to keep my pussy as wet as possible. It had to get drenched. Sometimes we’d both remain in the chat all day and periodically I’d get IMs from him to tell me to do it and then describe it back to him. The main issue was that I could not cum. I had to save that for his phone call.

Sometimes he’d ask me to insert a vibrator in me or to fuck myself with it, or a dildo. He even started buying me a collection of sex toys to use with his instruction. My descriptions to him kept him in a perpetual hard on the whole day, and he liked that. Sometimes he’d stroke himself too, but he couldn’t cum either. These games would last anywhere from 3 -8 hours in a one day.

Sometimes he’d ask me to remain naked the whole day too. Sometimes he’d call and ask me to put the phone down to pussy and finger it so he could hear how wet it had gotten. I played the game well, not because I am “obedient” or submissive in any way… I am just a freak and love sex games such as this. It was mutual and he’d often want my structions too, my input was of high importance.

We’d prearrange his phone call so it was a set time we could both agree on and shortly before that, he’d tell me to play with myself so when he called… my horniness would be detectable in my voice. His would also, his anticipation was very obvious in his voice and that’s a complete turn on to me.

Then we’d recount our day long masturbation to each other. I’d tell him everything I did, for how long, how it felt to stop. He’d do the same. Then we’d go to it. He’d jack off while I used my vibrator. He’d ask me to spank my pussy and let him listen. He’d ask me to slap it so hard that it stung but also felt good. We’d be loud and vocal. We’d moan, and breathe hard. It was very hot.

We would try to time our orgasms together, or at least as close as possible. He seemed to have great control of his own release and often did it as he’d demand me to cum. It was fun, it was dirty, and very hot. It made me really wonder even more what fucking him in real time would be like.

After we’d both cum and clean up, we’d talk about regular stuff. We’d almost pretend we weren’t perverts for a short time. I enjoyed talking to him; he was smart, funny, and interesting. But I liked the phone sex masturbation games even more.

The Hot Weekend

The Younger Man and I had some trouble trying to hook up. Between his busy modeling schedule that caused him to travel, and my own we couldn’t make time work in our favor. We kept in contact on the phone and by chat/email. A month or so went by. My on again off again fuck buddy boyfriend was flaring up. It was good bad, on and off again with the usual drama that I was used to. I made the mistake of bring that topic up to the younger man. He got nervous, in essence he was concerned about causing disruption to a relationship or being the 3rd spoke in the triangle. We agreed to be friends and nothing more. The trouble was I didn’t have much in common with him, I pretty much only wanted him for sex.

Eventually as per usual the boyfriend thing pissed me off and I removed myself again from that relationship. I did tell the younger man but he was still distant. We discovered a weekend that we were both finally available and made plans for his visit. But alas, during my boyfriend troubles I felt like I needed to teach him a lesson and fuck the younger man. So at the last minute I asked the younger man to meet me at my beach condo for a friendly weekend only. He accepted with a little reluctance, maybe shyness, but made it clear it was a friend only weekend. O f course it was, I told him. But really I had other plans.

I got to the condo first while he was flying in. I had some time to clean, get things organized, and dress like a slut before I went to pick him up. It was hot, it was the middle of July, I put on the skimpiest shorts and tiny little tank top. I applied lotion my legs to make them shine. I fixed my face, I gave my hair a slightly tousled look. I put on my flip flops and went to get him.

Sometimes I think I should call the younger man “the boy” instead. He had an air of innocence, he seemed slightly sheltered, and he came from the perfect family. His family did not swear, they were what I call the goody goody type. His reaction to my barely clothed body was almost embarrassment. It wasn’t that he didn’t look and stare, it was every other guy at the airport looking and staring that made him feel awkward. I made the excuse that I drove down in this outfit; it was hot, and just comfortable. I made special efforts not to notice any other man looking.

We got back to the condo, he got a beer and sat down with a sigh on the couch. I had one too. He was clearly relaxing so I got him another beer like a good hostess. I sat closer to him on the couch. We chatted. Eventually I wiggled in for a quick and nice kiss. He did it, but then pulled back. He was worried about the boyfriend so I said he was an ex and didn’t matter to me. He asked about our friendship agreement.

I sat my beer down. I gazed at him with a sexy look and turned toward him. With one gentle swing I lifted myself, and climbed on his lap to face him. He put his hands on my waist as if to stop me. I said I didn’t care about some other guy, I was with him and I was so very attracted to him. I said I was really afraid to say it sooner, but the beer brought the truth out of me (lol). I kissed him again, now deeper. It wasn’t but a few seconds before he was kissing me back and his hands loosened on my waist. I kissed his neck, he returned it. We let our eyes meet, it was a sexy make out session. At one point he suggested again that maybe this was not a good idea due to my “ex”.

I was getting pissed off. What is it with this kid? 20 years old and not wanting to get laid? Isn’t he supposed to have one thing on his mind? It was time to make a drastic move.

I repeated my speech about who I was there with, and I started to wiggle my hips grinding my crotch into his. I could feel the hard on was there, and pushed myself harder into like a lap dancing slut. He groaned a little but asked me what I was doing. I told him it was what I wanted to do. The grinding got more intense and he put his head back closing his eyes in enjoyment for a few minutes. Then he abruptly grabbed my waist again with a gasp.

“You better stop it. You are getting something started and you could regret it later.” He said.

I giggled, I kissed him, and wiggled and squirmed on his bulge some more. The intensity reached it peak when he gasped again, this time cumming in his pants. I fucking loved it but he seemed embarrassed. The great thing about a 20 yr old is his libido, for me it was hot. But he got up and went downstairs to clean himself up. I have to say I wasn’t sure why he was so damn shy about all this. He came back fully clothed after about 15 minutes. By this point I had moved to the floor to mess with the radio. He crawled over to sit next to me.

“Hope you’re happy with yourself for making me do that”, he said.

“Absolutely”, I replied!

I guess that was all he wanted to know. He suddenly changed from sweetie boy to horny devil. He said, “now it’s my turn”, and pushed me slowly down on the floor to yank my shorts off. He pushed his face up to my panties and sniffed very deeply trying to get a good whiff.

His fingers felt good as he tried to peel my panties down, I helped to get them off. And then he started gentle kissing my fat pussy lips. His tongue danced lightly along my slit and he spread me open very wide. He gave me one big long wet lick and then tapped his tongue all over my clit.

Surprise surprise – he knew what he was doing after all. His tongue made me tingle; he ate me like he was starved. I think he ate my pussy practically raw. I came, and hard – but he wouldn’t stop licking me and I kept trying to get away. I’d move, and he’d move back deep into me. We moved together clear across the floor. I was practically begging him to stop, my clit was so sensitive and my legs were quivering. My whole body was shaking from that thunderous orgasm. Eventually he stopped, wiped the cream from his face, and smiled. I relaxed my body and just needed to recover… but finally the 20 year old libido was present, he started yanking off his clothes. I asked him to give me a minute to recover, but he said, “I don’t think so”. He slide his cock into me instantly, I didn’t get to see it but it felt rather large and filled me up. He started thrusting in me, and I was almost too exhausted to pump back. In and out, in and out. He grabbed my legs and pushed them up onto his shoulders so he could go deeper. We made eye contact the whole time. He started pumping me faster, wet sticky sounds filled the room. His pace was building, and he told me he wanted to cum in me. As soon as he said it, he did it. He exploded, leg go of my legs, and collapsed on me. He was breathing hard and let his cock slide out of me so I could feel his sticky honey drip out. He just lay there on top of me heaving and sweating with his face buried in my neck. Every now and then he’d chuckle practically like he was pleased. Soon he lifted his head and kissed me sweetly on the lips.

Slowly he raised his body up, and there appeared his cock… still rock hard. By the time I saw it, he was already pushing it back into me without warning. Round 2 had begun. This time he last longer, and I was ready for it again. My pussy was slick from his cum but we fucked good and steady for 30 minutes straight. Just pump, pump, pump, over and over. I’d catch myself forgetting where we were, and just lose myself in it all.

I could feel his shaft with each thrust rubbing against my clit which felt huge and swollen. I had a few very small orgasm sensations and suddenly it came over me like a wave of pleasure. I started to cum. I dug my fingernails in his back, and froze. He kept pumping and when my pussy started to throb on his cock… he stayed still to feel it. Then two more thrusts and he said he was about to cum again. He pulled back and shot his load all over my pussy. I knew my pussy was puffed up and extra fat because I could feel his hot juice just dribbling all in it. He was jacking his dick to get every drop out and smearing his own cum all over it. It looked good and wet, all coated in jizz. Then he turned himself around so it hung (still hard by the way) over my face. He started licking his cum off my pussy. I let him find his way to my mouth and wrapped my lips around his dick to suck him off.

His biggest loads of cum were shot already, so by the time he came in my mouth there wasn’t a whole lot left, but I sucked out as much as I could. My whole face was sticky from residue, and so was his.

This damn kid never lost his erection. He fucked me AGAIN doggie style, and rammed me so hard a few times it hurt. He just kept cumming, and was ready to go within seconds again. I think we fucked about 11 times and it took all night long since each time he lasted longer. We had to stop a few times for water or so I could pe,e and then he’d be right back to fucking me. I think we really only stopped because we got sore, not because we wanted to.

We had to sleep the entire day and when we got up we were back to it again after food and showers. This was literally the only beach trip I took where I never once made it to the actual beach. I saw the view, but never touched the sand.

At the end of the weekend and going back home alone I laughed privately about the whole thing. I thought he was shy, I thought he was innocent, I thought I was going to corrupt him… but he showed me up. Maybe I created a sex monster (oh I hoped so) I figured there was more left in him, and of course a guy with this much sex drive should not be wasted. I’d have to fuck him again very soon.