I’m Still a Horny Girl

Hello, you horny but dear readers!

I am still here and yes I am still very horny. I had not maintained my website for quite some time now. When I first started it I was a baby-faced 27-year-old and I have aged some, changed jobs, have had several new sex partners, and I even had a relationship. I still get emails from readers though I haven’t answered any recently. My schedule was hectic for the last two years as I went back to do some modeling in addition to my day job. Oh, the adventures I have to tell you!


I guess I should apologize for not being active on my website and not writing enough blog entries. I’ve missed it. I feel like I am back and can go through some new tales again with some of my spare time. I plan to post more often, dress up my blog a bit, and add some more stuff to it. I am glad you are reading this.


Yes, I am still a Horny Girl!


My libido┬áhas not changed. It’s amazing that even when I get enough cock, I still need to masturbate. I told one of my male conquests about this and he asked me if I thought I was a nymphomaniac. I don’t know enough about the psychology of sexuality, but I hope it’s true.