Old Friends Possible Fuck Buddy

Fuck Buddy

Anybody Can Be My Fuck Buddy


The time just flies when you are having fun, but alas that’s not what I have been up to.  I have a regular “straight” job and sometimes I travel for it which is where I have been the last few months. To say I was over-worked and stressed out would be an understatement. I was working many twelve hour days and doing nothing but sleeping in my hotel room. My sex adventures REALLY went on hold for a few months! It sucks, but fortunately, I am home again. However, I am just beginning to settle back into my normal schedule.


I went shopping at the local mall this weekend and I happened to bump into a dear old high school friend… of course, he is male. Rarely do I have female friends. Or when I do they tend to be surface level girl friends who really do not know me well. Most women would never understand my sexual urges, most of the casual female friends I have are looking for excuses to quit fucking their husbands. That’s the main reason I do not believe in marriage.


The old male friend I bumped into this weekend is a guy I had a total crush on, and a wild flirtation with. I can’t even recall any longer why we never hooked up. Perhaps it was just a timing thing. I was also a lot more discreet and cautious back then. My slut personality was there, I was just careful in college because one wrong move could really screw up your social life. Now that I am a bit older and not as worried about my social circle I can be more of myself in the right situation.


I Wonder If He’ll Become My Fuck Buddy


My old college pal was there chatting to me with his wife and kids in tow. I remember how crazy he used to be, and he was still extremely good looking. The conversation was totally casual but the wife was completely looking me up and down trying to figure out how I knew her husband. I like that. I like making a wife nervous. I knew she’d ask him as soon as I walked away and somehow that becomes an aphrodisiac. It turns me on.


I exchanged numbers with my old friend. I have this feeling from the glimmer in his eye that I will hear from him. I noticed him noticing me up and down just like his wife did.  Never married and no kids… I’m in much better shape than his wife. Since we always had a bit of sexual tension – I know he won’t pass up a chance to at least call me.


I have yet to decide what, if anything, I will do. Maybe I will tease him, bait him, trap him. Maybe I will instead let him do all the baiting and just never let him win. I will have to look my old photos from college and think on it.




He Fucked Me Right

Time to continue my Rocker story! After a few months of long distance sex we finally met. I described the very first sexual encounter in this former post about blowing him. But don’t you want to know about our first fuck fest? It was later that night after some of the typical ‘courtship” stuff like a romantic dinner and wine.

We kissed and kissed and kissed with deep tongues and wet passion on the couch before we headed upstairs to my bedroom. We hopped on the bed fully dressed and resumed the face sucking.

Kissing is so hot to me. You can discover HOW someone will fuck by paying close attention to the way they kiss. If the guy is a bad kisser… then I am outta there! And the rocker was a good kisser… our mouths fit together perfectly. The motion of our tongues was in perfect sync.

There is also nothing better then a LONG sex session because foreplay is essential, it’s maybe even more then half of the fun. Both the rocker and I are ‘teases” and we love the long slow stuff, but when the time is right you should be fucking like animals. We had rehearsed sex together by telephone numerous times but the anticipation was super high and very drawn out.

He slid his big hand up my shirt and rubbed my titties over my bra. He touched me carefully and deliberately. Finger tips stroking through the material hmmm nice and gentle. Eventually he undid the front clasp and my skin tingled and he touched and fondled my nipples. I pulled off my shirt so he could start sucking and licking my nipples. We continued to slowly undress down to our underwear.

I was wearing lacey black full back bikini panties, and I could feel the damp stain in the crotch just getting larger. All the nipple licking my getting me very moist. My thighs were squirming a little and my sexy rocker singer is very vocal and loves to talk. He asked me if I wanted him to finger my pussy. Of course I said yes.

He slid his hand down inside my panties and lightly teased my treasure trail pubes. He pressed his finger deeper between the lips and found my hot button to rub in circles. Then he pushed further down to the opening and slide a finger in. He told me it was very wet, but he wanted more so he drink up all my juice. He started finger fucking me very slowly like he had done when we met. He told me he wasn’t stopping until it was sloppy and loud.

Slow finger pumping in and out. Hmmm just getting me damp writing about it. We kept kissing and kissing while his finger was speeding up. I was getting wetter; the sound was a bit louder. We were talking about it, getting quiet to listen. He kept his hand inside my panties the whole time saying he wasn’t going to look at it until it was gushing. He slide a second finger in me, I opened my legs more and raised my hips up off the bed so he could go deeper. He was going in rougher now.

He was jamming my cunt now and starting twisting, my panties were being yanked into my ass crack too. I want to point out this was going on for about 20 minutes by this point and I was speaking in grunts and moans when I told him to get my G spot. He curved his long finger in and told me I had to squirt before he was going to let me cum. I was on edge though, it’s not like I was in control.

I could feel how soaked I was, the squishing was loud, my moaning was getting hard. He was slamming those fingers in and then slowing down to stroke my gspot and I squirted some when he pressed on it. I was sweating and not realizing it until it happened…. And then I came HARD. I could feel myself ejaculating too.

The rocker kissed his way down from my tits to my bellybutton and my legs were still squirming now. He kissed the outside of my panties and slowly pulled them down. He made almost a sigh as he gazed into my pussy. He said it was all swollen and shiny. He slid his tongue up the slit before grabbing my fat lips open wide and wiggling that tongue all over my clit. I have posted before about having a puffy pussy and fat cunt lips. The rocker started sucking it all. He was lapping up the wet mess he made.

My pussy was still internally trembling, but he was putting attention on my clit now. It felt good and he was being sure to be a loud cunt lapper too. Very nasty and very hot. He was an aggressive pussy eater and I LOVE that. I came again. I was practically exhausted.

But the rocker wasn’t done; he hadn’t cum yet this time. So he opened his pants and just pushed it into me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and let him fuck me. His cock was long and thick. I could feel how swollen my clit was since each thrust was rubbing it just right. His moans in my ear and his breath against my neck felt so good. Since he is a singer, he had incredible pipes moaning loud enough to shake the walls. We fucked another good 20 minutes straight before he finally came.

A Day in the Life of a Slut

This is what it’s like to be me, the finer points of my day yesterday.

I worked some, I have a pretty prominent job that I don’t discuss for fear of discovery. I worked from morning to 1pm. I knew I was horny was so busy I just couldn’t address it. At lunch I logged into one of my hang outs and hooked up for the third time with a super sweet guy I met there for some anonymous and mutual fun. I was horny and needed to cum. I masturbated with my vibrator. It was all good.

Later I had to go to work but being in the constant state of arousal – I didn’t wear panties and never really wiped out my pussy too good after masturbating. It produces the extra sloppy effect which I like. You can feel the lips slide and my whole pussy was swollen from masturbating earlier… that my clit is still protruding. The fat lips slippery against it makes it feel nice, leaves me always aware that pussy needs more. I do this often.

Later I got online only to have The Fuck Buddy messaged me. I should say the FORMER fuck buddy since we haven’t really been talking much this year. We always go through the “why can’t we get back together” bullshit that bores me to tears. We really had nothing more then good sex so there isn’t much to go back to considering I can get myself off too. But he is obsessed with the past, especially the Younger Man I was fucking for 2 years during my supposed relationship with him lol. I’m not laughing to be a bitch, I’m laughing over it because it always comes back up.

The Fuck Buddy can never figure out what he wants, or what will piss him off. He always wants the details of my seductions, but when he is informed he goes into a jealous rage… which also turns him on by the way.

He were some of my responses:

Yes, I told you before that he did lick my asshole.

He fucked me up against a wall in a condo with his face pressed flat against it. The neighbor complained about it actually since they listened to every thrust and each moan.

I did like the way he ate me out, it was slow and he loved sniffing my pussy before he licked it. It turned me on because it seemed dirty. He even liked it a little smelly after I wore pantyhose all day long.

He was a passionate lover, he would stare into my eyes while we fucked. He loved to watch my face while eating me.

Yes, of course he got too attached to me, yes he told me he loved me after a year of smut. I never said it back. I guess he was heartbroken, but I find that sexy too. I love it when a man pleads for me. I love to go back and fuck him giving him a little hope. Then ruining his day when I still am not interested in his love wishes.

No, of course he didn’t fuck my ass… I only do that with special people. (ok so I lied)

The Fuck Buddy was mad, he was PISSED, he bitched me out on an IM. Then I had to break the news and admit that I had been fucking The Rocker just a few weeks ago. He logged off, just couldn’t take it anymore. Fuck him — he ASKED me for details. Tomorrow I will email him to see if he jacked off off and I bet he did.

I tried to log back in to my adult space account to masturbate again, but the damn site was down all night. I took care of business on my own anyway.

Hot Load of Cum on My Face

One of my dear readers emailed me today reminding me to get my hot ass in gear and to get back to posting. He was right. Thanks for that, nice to know someone is reading.. and hopefully jacking off too.

I’ve been busy with the Rocker lately since my last post. We have gone through a few different phases where we find the time to spend together and others where we do not. Since this is a no string attached kind of relationship… it works for us.

He has had some time off and he came out for a two week visit. I couldn’t wait to have his stiff cock in my mouth and it was the very first thing I went for. Basically he got here and unpacked a little and I groped his dick through his pants. He even said “Geez calm down Kendall, let me get organized first”. But I saw no reason for that.

I rubbed a minute longer and went for the zipper. He was putty in my hands by the time it was down. I reached in and got what I wanted. I sucked his cock slowly at first, and then hard and harder. I love the way it feels on my tongue and I like to trace and lick it. I also enjoy a good throat fucking too. He didn’t disappoint me… he grabbed the back of my head so he could really stuff my dirty little mouth.

Blow jobs should be sloppy. They should be wet and make lots of noise too in my opinion. I like to slurp or even moan with a dick in my mouth. It’s the right atmosphere and adds to the momentum. Every time he got close to the edge… I slowed it down. While I was hungry for his dick juice, I didn’t want it to be over too quickly. I like to savior sex and drag out the moment.

He reached down and gave my right nipple a hard pinch which always sends a tingle straight down to my pussy. I felt a little gush of wetness leak out of me. I love his big fingers and he yanked at my top so he could fit his hand inside. His hot fingers toying with my nipple made me want to feel them on my clit. Time to suck him completely OFF.

I worked him in and out of my mouth faster, pumping it deep in and sliding it far back out. He grabbed my head again and his moans indicated he was getting close. He told me he was going to come all over my face and that I had to leave it there while he ate me out. He loves to talk nasty during sex acts which is hot hell!

And then he did it – he didn’t just cum, he exploded. And it was the biggest load that splat on my face… warm and sticky. It was on my nose, my cheeks, and lips. When he pulled out of my mouth to shoot it… he literally hunched over in pleasure losing the power in his body for a minute. I spent that minute licking the jizz off my lips.

I stood up and starting undoing my jeans. Hey, he said he was going to eat me out so I wasn’t wasting the time. One thing I do love about the Rocker is the way he goes down on me. Some men do it slowly, and that’s nice… but sometimes I want it aggressive. The rocker is very aggressive… he shoved me down on the bed and yanks my pussy lips open to immediately start sucking my clit in his mouth. He jams his tongue into me, he flicks it HARD against me. I came in less time then he did.

After I came, we got up and I did wipe the rest of the cum off my face before it totally dried. We discussed the fact that these next two weeks would be nothing but fucking. He didn’t want to go out unless we had too. I said it fine by me because I had no interest in him meeting my family and playing the boyfriend.

To be continued….

Masturbation Games

The rocker and I kept in contact and started having regular phone sex. I happen to enjoy it, and in some way it is an awesome prelude to real sex. I’ve always loved watching a guy jerk off, and I’ve always loved listening to it too.

It wasn’t just phone sex where he’d call and we’d get it over with. It was twisted and kinky… two of my favorite things. He’d email me in the morning (sometimes we’d both work from home) and we get into a chat program. He’d have instructions for my day to prepare for our sex talk later.

Usually, he’d ask me to not wear panties or pants all day, just a tee shirt for instance. Then he’d want me to periodically throughout the day to rub my clit or finger myself to keep my pussy as wet as possible. It had to get drenched. Sometimes we’d both remain in the chat all day and periodically I’d get IMs from him to tell me to do it and then describe it back to him. The main issue was that I could not cum. I had to save that for his phone call.

Sometimes he’d ask me to insert a vibrator in me or to fuck myself with it, or a dildo. He even started buying me a collection of sex toys to use with his instruction. My descriptions to him kept him in a perpetual hard on the whole day, and he liked that. Sometimes he’d stroke himself too, but he couldn’t cum either. These games would last anywhere from 3 -8 hours in a one day.

Sometimes he’d ask me to remain naked the whole day too. Sometimes he’d call and ask me to put the phone down to pussy and finger it so he could hear how wet it had gotten. I played the game well, not because I am “obedient” or submissive in any way… I am just a freak and love sex games such as this. It was mutual and he’d often want my structions too, my input was of high importance.

We’d prearrange his phone call so it was a set time we could both agree on and shortly before that, he’d tell me to play with myself so when he called… my horniness would be detectable in my voice. His would also, his anticipation was very obvious in his voice and that’s a complete turn on to me.

Then we’d recount our day long masturbation to each other. I’d tell him everything I did, for how long, how it felt to stop. He’d do the same. Then we’d go to it. He’d jack off while I used my vibrator. He’d ask me to spank my pussy and let him listen. He’d ask me to slap it so hard that it stung but also felt good. We’d be loud and vocal. We’d moan, and breathe hard. It was very hot.

We would try to time our orgasms together, or at least as close as possible. He seemed to have great control of his own release and often did it as he’d demand me to cum. It was fun, it was dirty, and very hot. It made me really wonder even more what fucking him in real time would be like.

After we’d both cum and clean up, we’d talk about regular stuff. We’d almost pretend we weren’t perverts for a short time. I enjoyed talking to him; he was smart, funny, and interesting. But I liked the phone sex masturbation games even more.

The Fuck Buddy Boyfriend


There was a guy I was involved with for many years and I guess you could call him a boyfriend. We had great sex together, but pretty much nothing else. All of the relationship “parts” sucked and we constantly fought. But fucking we could do at the drop of a hat. Typically I consider him my fuck buddy.

The sex was awesome, sometimes it was the classic “make up” sex and sometimes it was angry sex. I think we both had our own little addiction to each other and it’s because our sex was so great. It was never a painful relationship although there was some hurt involved. We just simply had nothing solid between us and I don’t know that it even matters at the end of the day.

I got together with him when I was 19, and he was ten years older then me. Neither of us really seemed to want the simple life of commitment or marriage. It was a little turbulent at times but always hot.

We spent nearly ten years fucking, making attempts at a normal relationship, cheating on one another etc. It was always about the smut. He liked hearing stories of me with other men sometimes. Occasionally it drove him into jealousy but that also turned him on. I have never known another man driven by his dick as much as him. With a hard on he would do anything I said and since I spent such a long time involved with him – I am sure it shaped many of my sexual tastes.

Now we are no longer having sex, we chat occasionally but more like friends therefore the essence of the relationship lost the only substance it had. Many of my stories include him, his reactions, or even some of my great sex adventures with him. You’ll often catch me referring to him as The Boyfriend, even though he was…. he also wasn’t. He will actually love reading this journal once I have added a few more stories, particularly some of our experiences together.

The Younger Man

I met a very adorable guy at a local movie premiere event. He caught my eye because he was so good looking that he could have been a male model. There was an “air” of shyness about him and through the after party event I kept close enough by him to pick up small tidbits of his conversations and even engage in a few as well.

Our eyes kept meeting, possibly because he knew I kept looking at him. I found out he was only 20 years and an aspiring actor, also with some model experience. It was very easy to see him doing modeling. He had deep blue eyes, finely chiseled features, and he was tall…. probably over 6 feet. I decided I wanted to make it easy for him. I approached him with “my goodness do you know I’ve been staring at you because you remind me a little of James Dean”! The perfect compliment and it seemed to embarrass him or make him slightly awkward. Of course it opened up conversation with him.

It turned out he WAS very shy, sweet and dare I say innocent? There was a very gentle flirtation and he didn’t seem any close friends with him. I immediately imagined corrupting him, his age verses mine hopefully meant I was able to do it.

I was so fucking flirtatious but damnit… he didn’t make a move. I enjoy the game of flirtation.. the play, the hair flipping, tilting my head. Hooking up is a little like a chess game, you watch your opponents moves, you try to guess their next. I used all the moves that haven’t failed me in the past.

Eventually he said he was going to leave, and he offered me a ride. I took him up on it and still he was a gentleman. He asked me for my phone number, which he got and we proceeded to have a few flirty phone calls of only talk before he finally asked me out on a date. There were 3 very pleasant dates and the only move he made on me was a kiss goodnight without tongue. He innocently held my hand, opened car doors, and behaved with complete manners. I was starting to worry.

Was he gay? Was he not attracted to me? Since I was nearly a decade older then he, was it my age? My logical side told me it was the shyness, that even maybe he was very experienced in “dating”. I wasn’t sure that possible; did I find the last American virgin or something?

On the forth date he rented a car and driver so I could show him the city. I think I forgot to mention he was visiting for his work. He seemed a little more relaxed on this day. He’d be leaving soon to go back to his home which was about 5 hours away from where I live. I showed him sights and we talked and laughed. Finally later we were taken back to where our vehicles were to close out the date. He kissed me a little more intensely this time, finally opening his mouth. It was a long deep and very passionate kiss, the kind that sends little waves of pleasure straight down to your crotch. When the kiss ended he hugged me tight and whispered in my ear “I want to lick every inch of you”.

Hmm it felt good against my ear, one of my many erogenous zones. I liked the idea of seeing his innocent blue eyes peeking up at me from between my legs while he did some of that licking. But dear readers…. I told him it was late and that I really didn’t have time. I was soooo sweet when I said it all breathy and anxious. But I knew the key with Mr. Shy guy was to make him wait. I told him I wanted to take him up on the offer, but it was going to have to be another time. Of course he reminded me he was leaving the next day. Awww. As bad as I wanted him, I wanted him to want me more. I suggested we consider the following weekend, meeting up half way and keeping in contact by phone. He agreed.

He had a hardon, I felt it during the hug. He got the guts up to say something, to make a little move. But the greatest aphrodisiac is denial and I know it. I couldn’t corrupt him if I wasn’t in power and in control. There is much more to this story and it shall continue.

There is something about this innocence, the beginning of a potential sex partner that is hot beyond belief. The waiting always makes it better. When I got home that night I masturbated thinking about the whole day/evening.