Hot Load of Cum on My Face

One of my dear readers emailed me today reminding me to get my hot ass in gear and to get back to posting. He was right. Thanks for that, nice to know someone is reading.. and hopefully jacking off too.

I’ve been busy with the Rocker lately since my last post. We have gone through a few different phases where we find the time to spend together and others where we do not. Since this is a no string attached kind of relationship… it works for us.

He has had some time off and he came out for a two week visit. I couldn’t wait to have his stiff cock in my mouth and it was the very first thing I went for. Basically he got here and unpacked a little and I groped his dick through his pants. He even said “Geez calm down Kendall, let me get organized first”. But I saw no reason for that.

I rubbed a minute longer and went for the zipper. He was putty in my hands by the time it was down. I reached in and got what I wanted. I sucked his cock slowly at first, and then hard and harder. I love the way it feels on my tongue and I like to trace and lick it. I also enjoy a good throat fucking too. He didn’t disappoint me… he grabbed the back of my head so he could really stuff my dirty little mouth.

Blow jobs should be sloppy. They should be wet and make lots of noise too in my opinion. I like to slurp or even moan with a dick in my mouth. It’s the right atmosphere and adds to the momentum. Every time he got close to the edge… I slowed it down. While I was hungry for his dick juice, I didn’t want it to be over too quickly. I like to savior sex and drag out the moment.

He reached down and gave my right nipple a hard pinch which always sends a tingle straight down to my pussy. I felt a little gush of wetness leak out of me. I love his big fingers and he yanked at my top so he could fit his hand inside. His hot fingers toying with my nipple made me want to feel them on my clit. Time to suck him completely OFF.

I worked him in and out of my mouth faster, pumping it deep in and sliding it far back out. He grabbed my head again and his moans indicated he was getting close. He told me he was going to come all over my face and that I had to leave it there while he ate me out. He loves to talk nasty during sex acts which is hot hell!

And then he did it – he didn’t just cum, he exploded. And it was the biggest load that splat on my face… warm and sticky. It was on my nose, my cheeks, and lips. When he pulled out of my mouth to shoot it… he literally hunched over in pleasure losing the power in his body for a minute. I spent that minute licking the jizz off my lips.

I stood up and starting undoing my jeans. Hey, he said he was going to eat me out so I wasn’t wasting the time. One thing I do love about the Rocker is the way he goes down on me. Some men do it slowly, and that’s nice… but sometimes I want it aggressive. The rocker is very aggressive… he shoved me down on the bed and yanks my pussy lips open to immediately start sucking my clit in his mouth. He jams his tongue into me, he flicks it HARD against me. I came in less time then he did.

After I came, we got up and I did wipe the rest of the cum off my face before it totally dried. We discussed the fact that these next two weeks would be nothing but fucking. He didn’t want to go out unless we had too. I said it fine by me because I had no interest in him meeting my family and playing the boyfriend.

To be continued….