$10 Phone Sex for Kinky Men

$10 phone sex

Do you have an “itch” that you just can’t scratch on your own?  It’s like this little knot inside you that you just can’t “untie” until you cum. It can hit anywhere, at home, at work, in the car driving, and so on. We’ll scratch your itch with some Kinky Cheap Phone Sex!

Call Now!
Call Now!

We are a No Taboo Service which means that any topic or fantasy you'd like to discuss is allowed and welcomed. We do not place limits on a fantasy or a conversation. You have complete freedom. 


All billing is done by phone with an Automated system. When you call you listen to the brief Preamble and then enter all of your credit card details. This prevents human error and keeps all of your information safer than giving it over to a live person. The procedure is painless. Once you have entered all of your information our system will recognize you in the future by your telephone number.

You'll be connected for the minimum price of $10 and will be able to extend your call for up to 20 minutes each time you'd like to go longer. Funds will be put on hold once the operator accepts your call. But you will ONLY be billed for your actual talk time after the call has ended.


Some clients prefer to set up their accounts online and we are happy to oblige. You can add as much in funds as you'd like. Some clients limit what they spend by adding funds on each call. Others add $100 or $200 and then do multiple calls in a month. This is more discreet for clients who do not want several different charges on their bill that a significant other may notice. You never lose your funds. They remain in your account until you use them for a call! There are many other benefits to paying online such as being able to email operators for free, being able to save your favorite girls, and having a complete report of what you have spent. Please use the button below to pay for your call online.


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If the Phone Sex isn’t Kinky… then it’s not Phone Sex! Phone Sex is a way to explore our fantasies by sharing a conversation over the telephone. But let’s face it… some of our fantasies are just downright NASTY and too taboo to discuss with our friends. The dirty ladies at Sexy-Whispers.com have no problem sharing your dirty daydreams or even sharing their own. We are a group of nasty ladies who thrive at phone sex, roleplay, and the dirtiest of secrets. Our specialty is catering to kinky calls, the more taboo the better, and we like it that way. Phone Sex should never be mundane…. it should be about the freedom to get as nasty as you want to be.

Kinky Phone Sex Equals a Kinky Masturbation Session! If you are looking for the hottest, raunchiest, most thrillingly seductive dirty phone sex sluts ever to whisper wicked words in your ear, then you’ve come to the right place! Hot phone sex action is available with live girls in their homes. We feature a great selection of horny raunchy ladies who work from the privacy of their homes. We provide high-quality customer service, discreet billing, and, of course, reasonable prices. We also have another goal: to bring you the best phone sex experience you’ve ever had.  

We Have Unconditional Love for Perverts, Kinksters, Freaks, and Weirdos! WTF does that mean? It means we WELCOME your taboo fantasies. We are not a service that will limit a “fantasy” and our girls are all willing to talk about anything you’d like. Limiting a fantasy means we’re limiting our imaginations, and we just don’t see the point. There are no stupid “Terms of Service” that our ladies must abide by. You speak to them personally and individually in their homes. Your call is private. We’re not here to “judge” either, we just want to play, and have fun. That’s what you want right?


$10 phone sex

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