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Edge Play Phone Sex

Sexy-Whispers.com is a premier edge play phone sex site! We love male gooners! Edge Play Phone Sex is for the pervert who enjoys jerking off and gooning more than sex, work, or dealing with people. You love to masturbate and watch porn so much that you can get into edge play that lasts for hours. Edge Play Phone Sex is special and unique for you gooning pervs. See, our prices are cheap enough to test out every lady and to talk for extended periods of time.  But just adding that 10 buck phone fuck to your gooning daily habit will increase the intensity of your edge play. And the ladies will help you, guide you, go through it WITH you. If you are just edging to porn then you are missing out on another experience that can take you even “higher”.


cheap phone sex


Only $10 for a 5 Minute Quickie

then $2.00 per minute after.

*We do not accept Prepaid Gift Cards

You must be 18+ years old to call

and either a US or Canadian resident.


All billing is done by phone with an Automated system. When you call you to listen to the brief Preamble and then enter all of your own credit card details. This prevents human error and keeps all of your information safer than giving it over to a live person. The procedure is painless. Once you have entered all of your information our system will recognize you in the future by your telephone number. 

You'll be connected for the minimum price of $10 and will be able to extend your call for up to 20 minutes each time you'd like to go longer. But you will ONLY be billed for your actual talk time. 


Some clients prefer to set up their accounts online and we are happy to oblige. You can add as much in funds as you'd like. Some clients limit what they spend by adding funds on each call. Others add $100 or $200 and then do multiple calls in a month. This is more discreet for clients who do not want several different charges on their bill that a significant other may notice. You never lose your funds. They remain in your account until you use them for a call! There are many other benefits to paying online such as being able to email operators for free, being able to save your favorite girls, and having a complete report of what you have spent. Please use the button below to pay for your call online.


Pay Online



Our girls are hired because they love edge play phone sex. They live all over the USA, vary in ages 18-65, and come from many walks of life. Some are professionals by day and kinky by night. Some are dirty college girls looking to try out new sex ideas in their personal lives, many are horny housewives bored with their real sex lives, and some are just plain sluts.  You get a “choice” and a wide selection to choose from each and every time you crave phone sex.

There is no reason to feel shame for exploring your pleasures, your fantasies, and what feels good. Sometimes you just need to “act” on a sexual impulse. We’re glad you’re here, and it’s even better if you are horny too. Get your groove on, get your lubrication ready and jerk off for some of the hottest girls on the net! Phone sex can help you mentally, and creatively explore your senses! You can masturbate all alone, but when you do… it’s over in a few minutes. Phone sex will be a great teacher for you to enjoy masturbation on a whole new level. You can, and will want to “take your time”, and the anticipation makes for a very explosive orgasm.

There are No Gimmicks

What you see on the website and what you will hear on the preamble recording of your call is exactly the amount and how you will be billed.

There are No Commitments

There are no monthly fees to use our service. You can call once, or one hundred times. We use per min based charges so that you are only billed for your actual talk time.

There are No Tricks

Our rates are clear and simple. Whether you call for “vanilla” phone sex, or hardcore taboo fetish talk… the price is the same.

There are No Extra Fees

We only advertise our actual prices, we do not promote a cheaper rate and then up the price when you call. There are no hidden costs.