Once a Slut Always a Slut


I am a slut and a slut always knows the truth about herself

I did something stupid and that led to me ignoring my blog for a very long time. You see I know myself very well… I am a slut and a habitual cheater. I have never been able to help myself.  My most recent yet foolish mistake is that again I tried to get into a relationship… and it never works for me. I really and truly do not know how to commit. Perhaps I am tempted too much, perhaps I am defective, or maybe I just want other cocks way too much. I think I am just a slut.


I met a wonderful 38-year-old guy… totally sleazy… very Italian… and an awesome fuck. My perfect type. He wanted to sweet talk and swoon me in order to fuck me and that is my favorite part of any liaison. I just adore that intensity. But then these silly little emotions creep in, and he becomes possessive, jealous, and wants to claim ownership. Huge turn off, especially to a slut!


I tried to play the relationship game. Then I cheated on him with a 21-year-old college boy who lived next door to him. Tsk Tsk… Italian men do have bad tempers. So now I am back to who I am… a woman who doesn’t want love… just sex.



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The Lover of Boy Toys


Boy Toy Lover

I Must Have a Boy Toy


I wonder if other people’s sex lives are normal. One thing that has changed over the years is that more people do let their “freak-side” out, and we can expose it more on the internet. Thank Goddess for that!


The freak I discovered that lives in me always enjoys younger men. Not that I don’t enjoy the older ones too, but the younger ones are a bit like having a sweet “dessert”. I get the same great rush from fucking a younger man as I do when I cheat on my diet and have a small slice of cake.


I’m not a MILF (aka Mom I’d like to Fuck – in case you don’t know the term) because I don’t have kids and I don’t want them. I am not maternal or the nurturing type, and I don’t want to mother 20 year old guys either. I’m not a cougar, and really I am not that drastically much older then some of the younger men I’ve been with lately. I’m older, but not old for them so luckily I’ve not been turned down.


I Just Like to Play with Younger Men


I’m going to have to come up with some fake names to tell some of these stories since I’ve added a few young lovers to my list. The first intense young lover I had is posted about already in my archives. For a name from now on I am going to call him Scott. That name is so far from his real one so he shouldn’t discover my blog lol. I had toyed around with some men younger then me, but with him there was a distinct age gap and the fling was intense. Actually I still here from him. I have not decided yet if I feel like returning his messages.


Lately I’ve met a few others and had some one night stands which is always cool with me. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes the sex is only average. For right now I have been traveling a bit for my job and that’s enough. Now that the new year is coming things will settle a bit, and I can get back to posting some clearer details.



Cunt is a Dirty Word

I love the word CUNT. I love my own cunt so I touch it and look at it in the mirror often. I am very self absorbed with it. Most women hate the word cunt… but I like it because it is a nasty term. I also like the words slit, snatch, and twat. They sound dirty too. Of course the word pussy is almost always the first choice. I love words to describe my vagina, but I hate the word “vagina”.

I just got out of the shower after performing hair removal rituals for my cunt. I like pubic hair, I hate the shaved look. I have what you’d call Trim. Sometimes I use that word too when talking about my cunt.

“Wanna lick some trim?” is something I have said often.

So now my trim is all nice and clean and neat. I have soft dark brown pubes. I keep the trim pretty trim. I also have pretty fat cunt lips and large inner labias. The word labia is boring, I prefer calling them inner pussy flaps. They are also fat and dangle outside my cunt lips when they get all pink and need sucked. I love them pulled open and a hot wet tongue on my clit. In fact, I love the fact that my cunt is fat, has big meat curtains to spread open – it makes it all more technical, more things must happen to touch, lick, or fuck me. A man has to be interested or at least intrigued by my cunt too.

As I write this post for you, I am naked sitting at my computer. I’ve been rubbing my size C cup NATURAL titties in between typing. I always masturbate after writing in this blog. I can feel my CUNT dripping on the chair actually. It will be juiced and ready for a dildo fucking.