Spanking My Pussy

spanking my pussy

I Confess that I Enjoy Spanking My Pussy

Something that turns me on when I masturbate is to use a very flexible dildo to spank my pussy with. I love to literally smack it on my spread open pussy so it makes a slap slap slap noise. Spanking my pussy like this drives me crazy, makes me tingle, and causes my clit to get VERY swollen. The sound of the slaps is so hot and it makes me feel so dirty for some reason. Masturbation is such a personal thing that we all have some little quirks with our style. Sometimes spanking my pussy long enough can make me cum too. Of course, when a cock is spanking it – it is even better. I can handle some pretty rough clitty smacks. I love some cock tapping and then the head rubbed on my clit… then back to some tapping. Yesterday I had some hot masturbation by telephone with the fuck buddy and he loves it when I spend a lot of time spanking my pussy for him. I did it exactly as he asked me to. Sometimes gentle, sometimes rubbing, and sometimes loud and hard smacks. I came hard, and more than once!

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