Cunt is a Dirty Word

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I love the word CUNT. I love my own cunt so I touch it and look at it in the mirror often. I am very self-absorbed with it. Most women hate the word cunt… but I like it because it is a nasty term. I also like the words slit, snatch, and twat. They sound dirty too. Of course the word pussy is almost always the first choice. I love words to describe my vagina, but I hate the word “vagina”.

I just got out of the shower after performing hair removal rituals for my cunt. I like pubic hair, I hate the shaved look. I have what you’d call Trim. Sometimes I use that word too when talking about my cunt.

“Wanna lick some trim?” is something I have said often.

So now my trim is all nice and clean and neat. I have soft dark brown pubes. I keep the trim pretty trim. I also have pretty fat cunt lips and large inner labia. The word labia is boring, I prefer calling them inner pussy flaps. They are also fat and dangle outside my cunt lips when they get all pink and need to be sucked. I love them pulled open and a hot wet tongue on my clit. In fact, I love the fact that my cunt is fat, has big meat curtains to spread open – it makes it all more technical, more things must happen to touch, lick, or fuck me. A man has to be interested or at least intrigued by my cunt too.

As I write this post for you, I am naked sitting at my computer. I’ve been rubbing my size C cup NATURAL titties in between typing. I always masturbate after writing in this blog. I can feel my CUNT dripping on the chair actually. It will be juiced and ready for a dildo fucking.